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New Harquahala Generating Project ZLD water treatment plant

Fresh water scarcity and concerns for environmental impact resulting from industrial use places a high degree of importance on recycling and reuse of this valuable resource.

Regulatory limits are becoming progressively strict on the limits of aqueous discharge and wastewater treatment. Management of the entire water cycle for industrial applications are driving efficiency and innovation towards zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Veolia, with decades of innovation using HPD evaporation and crystallization technology, provides a wide array of experience in volume reduction and zero liquid discharge over many applications:

Utilizing the Veolia's experience worldwide, waste reduction and ZLD facilities are often designed and built on a lump-sum, turnkey basis. This ensures that our customers can depend on the expertise and single point of responsibility for these large, complex projects.

Process Experience for a Variety of Effluent Streams

Each effluent stream presents its own unique challenge when designing an entire water treatment system to efficiently and effectively minimize waste or eliminate the discharge of wastewater.

Veolia's experience in treating and managing these streams include specification and complete system design utilizing complementary water treatment expertise from Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies such as RO (reverse osmosis), softening, and clarification for the following applications:

Evaporation & Crystallization Technology

zld system, power industry

ZLD system with brine concentrator and brine crystallizer

Veolia offers several options in designing the optimal system to achieve each unique customer requirement for achieving zero discharge or waste reduction objectives, water treatment efficiency, and energy consumption. HPD evaporation system capacities can range from around 50 gpm to greater than 1200 gpm per unit.

Brine concentrators using seeded slurry or unseeded falling film evaporators are an excellent technology for energy efficiency with water recovery of greater than 90% as high-purity distillate. Recovered water in a brine concentrator is suitable as cooling tower or boiler makeup, recycled to plant processes, and in rare applications, used as potable water. These systems can be driven by mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) or with live steam if allowed by plant economies.

Further concentration of effluents or recovery of valuable byproducts are achieved using brine crystallizer systems. When used in conjunction with brine concentrators, comprise a true zero liquid discharge system. These efficient units use MVR technology to recycle the vapor to reduce energy usage and operating costs.