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Multi-local Presence

Veolia Water Technologies is made of 135 business units worldwide

Mobile Water Solutions

Aquamove™, the brand of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies for mobile water solutions, provides solutions and services for emergency and planned hires and long-term contracts.

Membranes inside Aquamove unit

Aquamove™ constitutes a large fleet of mobile water treatment units, that may be deployed as stand-alone units or combined to form complete systems: trailers, containers and skid-mounted systems.

  • Emergency response
  • Planned response
  • Preventive maintenance contract

Aquamove™ safeguards the production of the purified water for:

  • Plant commissioning
  • Scheduled equipment maintenance
  • Planned and unplanned outages
  • Process trial validation
  • Peak demand
  • Raw water changes

Aquamove™ applications

Mobile water pre-treatment

Mobile clarification, filtration and activated carbon solutions to treat potable, borehole, surface or sea water

Water softening

Mobile, automatic or manual, softening solutions

Demineralised water quality

Mobile reverse osmosis, ion exchange deionization and evaporation solutions

Pure water quality

Mobile reverse osmosis, mixed bed polishing and ion exchange deionization to meet the most challenging and demanding qualities and quantities of treated water for industry.

Ultra-pure water quality

Mobile reverse osmosis, ion exchange deionization and final polishing units to produce high-resistivity water quality with low Silica content and Sodium below 2ppb

Pharmaceutical water

Mobile water treatment unit for high purity water for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare

Sea water desalination

Mobile reverse osmosis units

Wastewater treatment

Clarification, dissolved air flotation, ultrafiltration, biofilm technology and evaporation

Worldwide Aquamove™ fleet and network:

  • Large fleet of trailers and containers
  • Cost effective and flexible solutions
  • Full assistance & availability
  • Long distance monitoring
  • High flow rates capacity
  • Environmentally friendly (no chemical regeneration on site, carbon footprint)
  • PreAct™ preventive service
  • Compact plants
  • Experienced teams

For more information about AQUAMOVE™, please contact your local Veolia representative or send you request to