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Multi-local Presence

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is made of 135 business units worldwide


Seawater covers 71% of the earth's surface and represents 97% of the world's water.

Seawater desalination is an increasingly important solution to the rising water scarcity afflicting many of the world's regions.

With more than 100 years of experience, technologies and knowledge in desalination, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is a leader in helping municipalities and industries around the world implement desalination strategies.

Our all-encompassing range of solutions and technologies is dedicated to increasing the value of water resources. Combined with local presence and a worldwide network of experts, we ensure our client the best possible solutions to supply high quality water, manage brine concentrates, produce or recover energy, extract raw materials and capitalize on by-products.

Several Veolia subsidiaries specialize in desalination in specific sectors; these include Entropie, OTV, Sidem, Westgarth and our regional subsidiaries in Spain, Netherlands, Saudi, South Africa. They build seawater or brackish water desalination plants of all sizes, using four types of solutions: Multi-Stage Flash Distillation (MSF), Multiple Effect Distillation (MED), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Hybrid desalination which couples MED and RO.

They represent first-class worldwide expertise in desalination with a cumulated desalinated water production of more than 12 million m3/day in 108 countries.

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Thermal water desalination

Saline content is separated by evaporating seawater in distillation systems. A process known as Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) reuses the energy generated during vapor condensation, reducing the energy consumption required to heat the water.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies' subsidiaries SIDEM and Entropie are recognized leaders in MED with more than 250 projects successfully delivered, a market share of over 80%.

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Reverse osmosis desalination

Reverse osmosis (RO) involves pushing water under pressure through a membrane that retains the salt and other impurities.
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has built more than 1,700 RO desalination plants and systems in 85 countries during the last four decades that produce more than 5,7 million m3/day of fresh water for both Municipal and Industrial purposes.

As an example, the Veolia-designed, built and operated RO desalination facility in Sydney, Australia, provides up to 15% of the city's daily water needs.

RO Plant Country Capacity in MLD Operation start





Sydney Kurnell




Sadara Marafiq, Jubail

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Al Fujairah 2

United Arab Emirates



Az Zour South




Gold Coast




Campo de Dalías








*2010 Latest expansion

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Hybrid water desalination

Increasingly, thermal desalination and reverse osmosis are being combined, an innovation that allows electricity use to be optimized and reduces production costs.

Veolia is the only company in the world to master both MED and Reverse Osmosis to offer energy-efficient hybrid desalination.

This solution was implemented in 2010 at the Fujairah 2 plant in United Arab Emirates.

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