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Multi-local Presence

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is made of 135 business units worldwide


It's not wastewater. It's resource water.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies applies its global technological leadership to extract the full value out of wastewater. We help our municipal clients generate reusable water and produce fertilizer, nutrients and energy for heat and electrical power.

Advanced wastewater treatment technologies

We provide all of the technologies for safe, environmentally compliant day-to-day wastewater treatment plant operations, regardless of size. Our solutions contribute to customized, efficient and cost-effective solutions covering the complete wastewater treatment cycle:

Among our latest projects:

Converting wastewater treatment plants into biorefineries capable of producing energy as well as valuable by-products such as biopolymers.

Reuse and value extraction

We apply technologies to recover calories from wastewater, produce biogas and fertilizers and promote energy-neutral wastewater treatment plants.

Other municipal wastewater reuse opportunities include irrigation, industrial processes, aquifer replenishment and green space and golf course maintenance.

By optimizing performance, extracting value and generating energy from our wastewater services, we help control costs and reduce the carbon footprint of clients in Paris, Lille and Marseille in France as well as Warsaw, Barcelona, Shenzen, Budapest, Dubai, Kingston (Canada), Copenhagen and The Hague.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is a world leader in delivering wastewater treatment solutions that respond to the diverse needs of municipalities.